Anne Lise Pettersen Rønne ble ferdig utdannet i juni 2014 ved Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo med bachelorgrad i Moderne og samtidsdans.

Siden da har hun arbeidet i ulike prosjekter med koreografer som Anne Kathrine Fallmyr, Stian Danielsen, Emilia Adelöw, Hege Haagenrud og Masja Abrahamsen.


Eivind Linn, born 10/4-1984 received his Bachelor’s degree in contemporary dance at  Oslo National Academy of the Arts (2010). After graduation, he worked as a dancer in Oslo Danse Ensemble (ODE), Stellaris Dance Theatre & Dance Theatre PantaRei. He has worked with choreographers such as Jo Strømgren, Christopher Arouni, Gull Øzger, Tine Erica Aspaas, Andre Danielsen, Stian Danielsen and Namik Mackic.
Spring 2012, he participated in the development of Masja Abrahamsen’s upcoming project «Flower and shit», in addition to that he is a dancer «I am about to express myself.» Premiere at Dance House Norway in May 2013.

Irene Theisen (1987) graduated from the Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School (2006) and Oslo National Academy of the Arts (2010). She has worked with choreographers such as Christopher Arouni, Stian Danielsen, Masja Abrahamsen, Kristin Hjort Inao and Allen Kaeja. Alongside her works as a dancer, with headquarters in Oslo, she is the initiator and boardmember of Ravnedans festival for samtidsdans. She also works with interdisciplinary productions under the Kristiansand-based artist collective «Kastellet» and has choreographed for talent initiative in Agder, Dansebanken Ung, and had choreography for the theatergroup Sceneimpuls in collaboration with director Nader Khademi. Fall 2011 Irene received  Kristiansand municipality scholarship.
Irene is a dancer in Masja Abrahamsen’s upcoming performance «I am about to express myself,». Premiere at Dance House Norway in May 2013.

Guro Rimeslåtten is educated at Oslo National Academy of the Arts (1999-2002) She is a permanent dancer in Carte Blanche, the national norwegian company of contemporary dance. She has worked with choreographers such as Ohad Naharin, Sharon Eyal, Christopher Arouni, Ingun Bjørnsgaard and Ina Christel Johannessen. Guro had an important part in Masjas ”Pepper`s ghost” (Dansens Hus 2009), as well as being crutial in developing the upcoming performance, ”I am about to express myself”. For several years she has also been teaching at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, both contemporary classes and repertoir studies.

Kristianne Mo studied dance at Skolen for samtidsdans, Norwegian State Ballet Academy and Rotterdamse Dans Academy. She is a well established dancer in the Norwegian dance community. From 1996-2006 sha had an important role in Kreutzerkompany (Eva Cecilie Richardsen), and has worked with Ina Christel Johannessen, Zero Visibility since 2003. Kristianne has worked with choreographers such as Per Roar, Kristina Gjems, Therese Markhus, Amanda Steggel, Jo Strømgren and Masja Abrahamsen (Numb 2009) and «Residens», a new creation with premiere, Dansens Hus November 2011. 2009-2003 and 2009-2010, scholarship Statens Kunstnerstipend. 2008, dancers scholarship, Norske Dansekunstnere (NODA). Apart from that, she is also practicing and teaching Ashtanga yoga.

Sigrid Hirsch Kopperdal has a BA in modern and contemporary dance from Oslo National Academy of the Arts (2004-2007), and has also studied at Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (2007-2008). Sigrid has worked with choreographers such as Eva-Cecilie Richardsen, Jana Unmussig, Henriette Slorer, Hege Haagenrud, Emilia Adelöw, Masja Abrahamsen and made productions in Denmark and Germany as well as in Norway. She has been giving professional technique classes at PRODA, and made her own solo project, «You are allowed to walk it out».

Marie Male Kalstø (1987) was born and raised in Bergen. She has a BA in modern and contemporary dance from Oslo National Academy of the Arts (2007-2010).  Marie has worked with choreographers Janne-Camilla Lyster and Hanna Mjåvatn, she has also started her own company together with six other dancers, “Company KOV”. In spring 2011 you can see her in “Vårslepp” at Dansens Hus where she is performing a solo of Janne-Camilla Lyster. Marie is working with Masja Abrahamsen in her new creation “Residens” with premiere at Dansens Hus fall 2011.

Henriette Hamli is educated at Oslo National Academy of the Arts in Oslo (2004-2007) where she took her Bachelor in jazz.  As a dancer Henriette has among other perfomed with Panta Rei Dancetheatre’s ”WeFiction” (tour 2010/11), Peer Gynt’s ”TidarÅ” (2010), Østre Gasværket theatre’s ”Elsk mig I Nat” (Copenhagen/Aarhus 2009/10), Signe Domogalla’s ”Granitt” (2009)  and Oslo Dance Ensemble’s ”Living Rooms” (2008).  Henriette has also choreographed TSMGO’s ”Gone Too Soon” (2010) and Plankebyen’s ”West Side Story” (2009). Henriette is working with Masja in her new creation, «Residens», premiere at Dansens Hus November 2011.

Magnus Myhr is from Klæbu, and educated in modern and contemporary dance at the Norwegian Academy of the Arts( KHiO) in Oslo.
He has among others worked with TOYBOYS, Hege Haagenrud, DANSDESIGN, Karen Foss Quiet Works, Erlend Samnøen, REBEKKA/HUY, Odd Johan Fritzøe,  Subjazz, Oslo Danse Ensemble and at theaters as Riksteateret and Hedmark Teater.
He worked with Masja Abrahamsen with «NUMB» at Dansens Hus in 2009.

Nina graduated in 2008 from the Norwegian State Ballet Academy.
Since then, she has worked with choreographers such as Vilde Sparre, Gunhild Bjørnsgaard and toured with Monica Herstad/Herstay and Ina Christel Johanessen/ Zero Visibility Corp.
She has also acted in short movies by video artist Tom Daniel Reiersen.
Nina worked with Masja Abrahamsen in 2008 and 2009 with the production “Pepper’s Ghost”.


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