Masja Abrahamsen

In my works I highlight the uniqueness of dance as a vital form of expression and kind of communication between performers and the audience. My focus is seeking the connections between the ideas and the dancers physical and kinetic awareness.

My process employs improvisation, which for me, is instrumental in forming the central relationships between the dancers and myself. In my choreography I explore the aesthetics of minimalism, both in the movement material, music/sound, set design, costumes, and in use of light. This means I reduce elements to an essence. By eliminating the unnecessary, I contribute to exposing the theme or the inner conflict or underlying psychological “unevenness” of the work. 

The aesthetic frame for my dance pieces positions the traditional alongside the modern, and it is from this perspective that I view the world. It is the combining of traditional, solid handcraft with modern and sometimes futuristic expressions that excites me. Yet within this external visual frame, I deal with topics related to human relationships, and the mysteries of human psyche, as an important source of inspiration.

A minimalist approach to music/sound is of crucial to my choreographies. I often use electronic music and sounds, and this sparse landscape echoes the dancers quality and the focus of all my choreographies. For me, electronic music has the ability to work as an audiovisual comment on the dancers mind or state of mind. Such a minimal combination of dancing and sound, I feel directly communicates to an audience.

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