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Third year students at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, 2016

Choreographer: Masja Abrahamsen
Dancers: Wanda Breistrand, Karen Lynne Bjerknesli, Marte Bjørnseth, Anne Oortwijn, Amalie Sabrine Laudikos, Anders Rohlan Småhaug, Oda Østenstad Fjell og Kristian Vindenes
Music:Patti Smith, Alva Noto
Sound/ mix: Olav Andre Gravseth
Light: Martin Myrvold/Olav Andre Gravseth
Costumes: Matilda Karlström
Photo: Stephen Hutton

In FUNKIS, Abrahamsen examines themes related to the changes and vanity of the human nature. On the border between symbolics and realism, the performance refects on exposure of the body, encounters with imperfection and the dissociation from weakness. This examination is revealed on stage by two strong dancers, who balance the themes in both thriving and fearless, as well as subtle choreography. Lights, sound and set design are also important components, serving as an extention of the dancers’ inner lives, but also as external barriers.

Dansens Hus Oslo, November 20-23 2014

Choreographer: Masja Abrahamsen

Production director: Grethe Brækkan
Administrative director: Sigrun Drivdal Johnsen
Dancers: Irene Vesterhus Theisen and Anne Lise Pettersen Rønne

Set design: Dordi Strøm

Lighting design: Tobias Leira
Sound design: Petter Wiik
Costume design: Sylvia Denais
Photo, catalogue/performance: Trine + Kim design studio/v Kim Sølve, Antero Hein, Dordi Strøm
Video promo: Hein Creations/ Antero Hein
Video documentation: Ivar Mykland

Supported by: Arts Council Norway, Audio and Visual Fund, Fund For Performing Artists, Dansens Hus.

FUNKIS | Masja Abrahamsen from Antero Hein on Vimeo.

Third year students at Oslo National Academy of the Arts


Choreographer: Masja Abrahamsen

Dancers: Richard Svalstedt, Ines M. Belli, Erlend Auestad Danielsen, Elisabeth Gjerde, Synne Sørum, Hanne Elisabeth Svenning, Sigurd Kirkerud Roness, Martine Bentsen

Music: Raime, Goldmund, Kangding Ray, Deaf Center

Sound/ mix: Olaf Stangeland

Light: Kaja Glenne Lund

Costumes: Thale Kvam Olsen

Photo: Stephen Hutton


he&she is a dancevideo collaboration between Majsa Abrahamsen/ink Productions and Hein Creations/Antero Hein. he&she is also an introduction to the upcoming piece, with the same title.

Dancers: Anne Lise Rønne & Jack Lorentzen
Film & edit: Antero Hein
Choreography: Masja Abrahamsen
Music: Balmorhea – Truth – Balmorhea – Rivers Arms – Baleen Morning
Sounddesign: Antero Hein




Oslo Danse Ensembles new performance, «and POP» refines its trademark: the physical art of dance. The music is essential as a source of inspiration, and ranges widely from the poetic and slightly tender to pure pop!  

RUN is inspired by similarities between sport and dance, precision, energy, technology, dynamics and aesthetics. With jazz dance’s intricate rhythms as musical focus is «RUN» a tribute to the joy of dance. The choreography is part of Oslo Dance Ensembles «and pop», played at Dance House in Oslo in December 2013.


Choreographer: Masja Abrahamsen

Dancers: Maria Ferguson Rønningen, Ane Evjen Gjøvåg, Henriette Hamli, Natasha Heggem, Trude Amalie Leirpoll, Junior Sergio

Benvindo, Mikael Rønne, Daniel Sarr, Dag Rune Sjøli.

Light design: Daniel Kolstad Gimle

Costumes: Johanna Sutinen 

Photo: Yaniv Cohen and Erica Hebbert Larsen

Artistic director Oslo Danse Ensemble: Merete Lingjærde