Tsjekhov´s "Three sisters" is the source of inspiration for Masja Abrahamsen in her new piece "Residens".
Here we also meet three women,and as in Tsjekhov´s piece the story is less prominent. The relations between
them and the atmosphere is emphasized through an underlying monotunous
tension and drama. Three personal stories floats together, visualised through reality, fiction
and surrealistic images. The aesthethic expression refears to the
1940´s and 1950´s Film Noir.

"Residens" performed at Dansens Hus Oslo, November 24-27 2011.
Choreographer: Masja Abrahamsen
Dancers: Marie Male Kalstø, Henriette Hamli, Kristianne Mo
Set design: Dordi Strøm
Light design: Tobias Leira
Composers: Truls Kvam and Robin Crafoord (Trulz & Robin)
Costumes: Signe Vasshus 

Photo: Trine og Kim Designstudio/ v Kim Sølve
The performance is supported by Arts Council Norway, Audio and Visual Fund, Fund for Performing Artists, 
Dansens Hus Norway.


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